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Welcome to Payton's Place Basketball

Payton's Place Basketball was established by Keena Payton in 2016. As a non-profit 501(c)3, the organization is supported by volunteers. 

Payton’s Place is a traveling AAU team that drives STUDENT ATHLETES to achieve their fullest potential. All Payton’s Place players have the opportunity to practice one to two times per week. Practices teach and enhance player knowledge of the fundamentals of basketball, as well as strengthen and develop their skills. Each session offers the opportunity for players to compete in 20-50 games in a highly competitive environment against some of the best leagues in the most competitive tournaments throughout the Bay Area.  

Our competitive travel teams compete in tournaments in Reno, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Portland, Salem, and other NCAA events. We are also an official member of the Adidas Gold Gauntlet Circuit.

Payton’s Place offers 1-1 and group trainings. 

Board of Directors:

CEO/Director - Keena Payton

Vice President - Brandon Payton

Treasurer - Kenya Pugh

Coaching Staff - Keena Payton, Toby Merchant, Robert Cheong, Rob DelaCruz, Jacqueline Goddard,  Ariya Lockett, Justin Cain, A.J. Moore, Chewy Jones, Matt Pullen


For more information, contact Keena Payton at or 925-329-5604


Concord, Danville, Dublin, Fremont, Livermore, Oakland, San Ramon, and Tracy

Coach Justin Cain is seasoned with over 9 years of experience. He has spent the last four years coaching at various high schools in the East Bay while simultaneously coaching Youth AAU teams ranging from 9U-15U. He is passionate about player development and growth both on and off the court. Coach Cain is committed to helping each player reach their personal goals while also pushing them to new highs.

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1-1 Personal Training Sessions available for ages 8 and up. Sessions start at $65 depending on experience and skill level.

Group workouts available ranging from $25-$45 depending on experience and skill level.


Sponsorships and Donations

Sponsorships and donations are accepted via Venmo.

We appreciate your support!

"We Are Family" Christmas 2019

Payton's Place Elite 13U @ Skyline High School

10U Champions Rim to Rim

"We Are Family"

16U Elite Champions in Trust The Process Spring Showcase 2019 at Soldier's Town in Oakland, Ca

10u champions at "Rim to Rim tournaments" at Oakland Technical High in Oakland, CA

13u champions at "Rim to Rim tournaments" at Oakland Technical High in Oakland, CA


It is highly recommended that high school players attend WORKOUTS to further develop their skills and stay on top of their game. Workouts prepare players for their upcoming tryouts and season.

Join NOW

Join NOW

Andre Iguodala chillin' with the boys

Legendary Ice Cube

Grassroots 2019

Payton's Place Elite 11U

12u champions at "Norcal Express 1st Annual Family Scholarship Tournament

Some of the players with Mo Speights at the Mo Buckets Tournament at Alameda Point in Alameda, CA

Our 12u players with Michael Carter-Williams in Anaheim, CA at the Open Gym Premier Tournament

"We Are Family"

10U Champions Grassroots Sacramento Showcase 2019

Payton's Place Girls getting the job done...MVP Flight League 6th grade Division 1 Champions

Payton's Place Girls getting the job done...MVP Flight League 6th grade Division 1 Champions

Payton's Place at Soldiertown

"We Are Family" Reno 2017 West Coast Super Qualifier Jam On It

Payton's Place 11U Champions

15U Elite champions at Robert Livermore Recreation in Livermore, CA

We love you Ben RIP


We play in all Norcal Grassroots365 events

We play in all Norcal Grassroots365 event's covers media

Size Chart

Size Chart

Size Chart

Payton's Place

Payton's Place


Phone: 925-329-5604


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